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Loss Recovery


Loss Recovery

An unsuspecting investor can be taken advantage of in a number of ways by his broker or the brokerage firm. Cold Spring Advisory Group provides investors who may have sustained losses in the market expert advice and guidance into the inner workings of a brokerage firm and will determine through our case evaluation program whether your losses may be attributed to negligent advice or stockbroker abuse.

Our detailed account analysis identifies whether or not you have a claim to recover unnecessary losses due to a bad investment or broker misconduct and puts you in the driver’s seat. If you have suffered a loss due to bad broker advice, improperly placed investments or outright fraud Cold Spring Advisory can help you evaluate your potential claim.

Unlike our competitors, there are no hourly fees for our consulting services. While we help you calculate damages to prepare your case, we are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice. Cold Spring Advisory has a national network of lawyers specializing in securities arbitration and investment loss recovery. Our advisory group will recommend your case to a lawyer within our network who is best suited to fit your special needs. Any lawyer we recommend for your case works on contingency so there are no hidden fees or additional expenses.

There is no substitute for experience

There is no substitute for experience

Our panel of investment experts is comprised of former brokers with over 25 years of trading experience and branch management at prestigious brokerage firms throughout the country who have maintained books of business with clients worldwide. This direct experience gives us the ability to successfully identify broker misdeeds that may otherwise go unnoticed. If you were misrepresented by a stockbroker or brokerage firm and have suffered an avoidable loss, you are most likely not the only one.

We are like no other consulting firm in that Cold Spring Advisory Group may suggest grouping your claim with similar cases (e.g. in your state) enabling you to garner a more favorable result through a group settlement. Our ability to leverage your case among others in a multi-party arbitration is just one of the advantages Cold Spring Advisory offers.

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