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Once your case is evaluated and you elect to proceed in pursuing your claims against a broker and/or brokerage firm, Cold Spring Advisory Group prepares your file for arbitration.

In preparing your case for arbitration Cold Spring Advisory Group works closely with your attorney and analyzes your account documents, prepares witness testimony and reviews proposed mediators and arbitrators who help determine the results of your dispute.

Our many years of stockbroker insight and experience enable us to gather the facts surrounding a loss to build credibility for claims that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Upon your providing us with your relevant account documentation, our consultants will review every detail and analyze every transaction leading to your loss and organize your case materials for each phase in the arbitration process.

We are a consulting firm NOT A LAW FIRM

We are a consulting firm, not attorneys or a law firm so you will not be billed hourly for our services and you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your case before you proceed. While we do not litigate on your behalf we can recommend lawyers who specialize in loss recovery from our network of reputable attorneys, many of whom work on contingency.

Cold Spring Advisory Group Helps Prepare your Case by providing:

  • Calculation of Damages
  • Discovery Review and Recommendations
  • Witness Preparation
  • Providing Expert Witness Testimony
  • Group Common Claimants
  • Reviewing Proposed Mediators and Arbitrators
  • Introduction to Loss Recovery Attorneys
  • Ability to Track the Progress of Your Claim on our Secure Website


Our work does not stop there. Throughout the arbitration process we continuously work with your attorney to attempt to get you a satisfactory settlement or an arbitration award. What also differentiates us from other securities related consulting organizations is that depending on your case Cold Spring Advisory Group may be able to locate and coordinate with other claimants who may have experienced similar losses dealing with the same brokerage firm or stockbroker as you. The benefit in grouping your case with related cases is that it typically provides greater leverage which may lead to a greater settlement.

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