An Email from a Happy Customer US Army Veteran, Arkansas
Cold Spring Advisory Group is proud to share this email we received from a client who received a settlement award:

Dear Cold Spring Advisory Group,

We thank you for settling our case in about three months and are very pleased. The money we got back will help as we are both in our 80’s and it will be very useful to us.

We were ready to take the arbitration all the way, but to have the success we had and to be able to get something back and put it behind us in such a short period of time is a great feeling for both of us.

Thanks again Cold Spring Advisory Group for your help and best wishes on helping someone else.

J and J

D.R. – Property Investor, United Kingdom

I was under the impression that the brokerage I chose to handle my dealings in the U.S. stock market was affiliated with a respectable London bank, and was surprised to learn the firm is actually headquartered several thousand miles away in New York.

After informing the firm that I wanted to withdraw from the U.S. stock market and close my account, I was shocked to discover that my broker had continued to purchase shares in my name without my knowledge or consent. I lodged a complaint with the firm upon discovering that the shares crashed and left me with considerable losses. The firm refused to compensate me and I was told to “…go away. The matter is closed.”

The firm did not acknowledge any wrongdoing and alleged I authorized all trade activity by signing its terms and conditions when I opened the account. After laughing my complaint off, a principal at the brokerage eventually suggested that the firm “may make an offer to settle,” but no such thing ever happened.

Shortly thereafter, I received a flyer from Cold Spring Advisory Group. I was impressed with the company’s approach to stock loss recovery and the speed with which they responded to my inquiry; but I was nervous about dealing with anyone in the U.S. after my experience with the brokerage. Cold Spring Advisory Group compiled a forensic report on my brokerage account and concluded that I was the victim of overcharging on brokerage fees and that my broker was trading my account without my authority.

I had no previous experience with a broker acting in a cavalier manner, but Cold Spring Advisory Group gave me the confidence to challenge the brokerage and recover the money that I lost. Cold Spring Advisory Group brought my case to arbitration and I was awarded considerably more than I expected.

I am very pleased with the results and would recommend Cold Spring Advisory Group to anyone who finds themselves in the position that I was in.

K.A. – Telecom Operations Manager in Cumming, GA

A brokerage firm from New York was calling me several times a week badmouthing my current broker-dealer and telling me they could do much better. I was frustrated with the broker I had, so I switched firms.

I told the new broker I didn’t want to invest in anything really risky – just moderate risk investments – nothing crazy. The new firm said they didn’t offer online access (I later found out they did) so I couldn’t track what was going on, but I started getting 8-10 trade confirmations in the mail everyday. In about a month, I lost my entire $30,000 investment.

Whenever I see a number from New York on my phone, I don’t answer it. I have brokers calling me all the time. By chance, I did answer the phone when a rep from Cold Spring Advisory Group called to tell me about their services. I told him about my situation, and he said it sounded like I had a good case.

Cold Spring Advisory Group was really helpful in getting my account documents from the firm and explaining the case preparation and arbitration process. They did the free analysis and got back to me quickly. They said I had a strong case for excessive trading and churning for commissions. They put me in touch with an attorney who did an impressive job writing up the complaint and winning the case. I got 100% of my money back.

Everything went according to plan and when I learned of the judgment, I felt a sense of redemption. For once the system worked for the small guys – most of the time we get squished. Cold Spring Advisory Group’s process was streamlined and the people at the firm and the attorney’s firm were really helpful.

Cold Spring Advisory Group provides an avenue for smaller investors to file a claim and get satisfaction. It’s definitely worthwhile for someone to at least look into how and why they lost their money.

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